We are now considering submissions for Rough House 4. 

Deadline:  TBA

What type of work is considered?

Rough House favors short multi-page narratives (2-18 pages would be ideal), but will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Length of submissions should be an even page count if possible. We aim to publish an eclectic book and welcome comics that are fictional, non-fictional, experimental, autobiographical, biographical, absurd, reflective, irreverent, or [insert adjective of your choice]. 

Does submitting work guarantee publication?

If we've invited you to submit it is because we are familiar with your work and are likely to publish it. Unsolicited submissions are welcome and will be given careful consideration. Please be aware that a submission to Rough House does not guarantee publication. The taste of our editorial board is varied and we reserve the right to turn down work that we feel doesn't reflect the aspirations or scope of the publication. Or that we just can't agree on.

Page Dimensions: 

 6.625" wide x 8" high. No bleeds. 

Preparing Files:

Rough House is printed on a Risograph. Files should be separated by color (as if preparing an image for screen printing). The risograph is sensitive to variances in opacity and colors can be overlapped to create additional hues. Current available inks are Black, Green, Red, Orange, Purple, Federal Blue, Yellow, and Fluorescent Pink. Color availability is subject to change. 

Here are a few links that might be helpful to look at:

Sending files:

Unsolicited submissions: Send JPGs of complete pages rather than layer-separations. If your work is chosen we will then ask you to send print-ready files. 

Solicited work (i.e. we asked you personally): submissions should be sent as 300dpi grayscale PDF files to with the subject "ROUGH HOUSE SUBMISSION" Each color layer should be sent as a separate file. An example file name would be "yourname_pg1_green.pdf" or "yourname_pg8_black.pdf".

What do I get if my comic is published?

Contributors will receive a few free copies of the book (additional copies can be purchased at cost). 

Does Rough House publish standalone comics?

Yes. in addition to our anthology series we occasionally publish mini-comics and small single-artist books by cartoonists we like. If you have a project you'd like to submit to us for consideration just send us an email. 

Have any other questions?

Just ask: