Rough House 1 & 2

"Rough House represents an excellent overall snapshot of what an alt-comics anthology looks like in this age, especially with regard to the level of attention paid to production values and varying styles. You could hand this to a reader and they would quickly understand what alt-comics look like in 2015.

-The Comics Journal (read full review)

Rough House 2

"The BBQ continues with the second issue of this drippy drooly anthology of risible risography made by the Rough House bookstore in the druggedest part of Texas. Packed full of new & old lonestar talent you'll feel dim for not being up on, and a nice screenprinted cover, too."


"This is a classic, DIY comics anthology - with screen-printed covers and a variety of colorful approaches to interior art - and stories ranging from one page to several. It's the sort of anthology you keep on an end table and pick at and pick at until you realize you've reread the whole thing a half-dozen times and know you could reread it a half-dozen more. With stories by Mack White, Nicholas Mahler, Yuwei Gong, Alex Webb, Gillian Rhodes and many more. Rough House 2 is an advanced course in DIY printing."

-Benn Ray, Atomic Books

"The collection's personal, pretty, raw, pensive, ugly, fierce, and absurd -- just the way we like 'em."

- The Austin Chronicle

"This is well worth a look, and pretty hefty (and colorful) for that $15 price tag."

-Optical Sloth

Rough House 1

"These are impolite comics, not quite housebroken. They come out of the tradition of Weirdo, the great 80s anthology edited by Robert Crumb, Peter Bagge and Aline Kominsky-Crumb. The quality of the stories varies wildly, and many of them eschew such bourgeois values as "endings" and "having a point." But a lot of them are really good, and on balance I liked Roughhouse a lot."

-The Great God Pan is Dead

"Keep Austin Weird? Rough House reminds me of beautifully discombobulated comics scene showcases like Sturgeon White Moss and Nog A Dod."